Jasmine Boothroyd

But everyone just calls me Jazz.

Creative Marketer!

That's a thing now right?

Seattle native, London transplant, specializing in digital marketing + brand content creation.

A large palette of interests has led me down many creative avenues, even taking a spin as a traditional vinyl disk jockey and recording my own radio *show at eighteen. An appetite for rich creative experiences, I enjoy photography and videography using both digital and analog tools, including my grandfather's 1976 film camera. Throughout college I fell in love with calligraphy and typography, complementing my background in design. Lending to my detail oriented nature and experience in creative direction and project management, I have enjoyed working in custom bridal event design, specializing in fine art inspired stationery and decor, delicate floral arrangements, and thoughtfully curated spaces rich in character for unique clients. My experience in content strategy grew during my time spent in communications, working on the promotion of nonprofit art institutions and through collaborative community projects, including event, product and museum exhibition photography. My graduate studies have allowed me to explore brand design, development, and marketing strategy, positioning me to be prepared and excited about opportunities in branded creative content and digital marketing.

Following the completion of my undergraduate degree at Washington State University Vancouver in 2015, where I majored in Digital Technology and Culture and minored in both Fine Arts and English, I left Portland, Oregon, returning to Seattle, Washington.

In Seattle I worked as a freelance marketing consultant and designer for passionate small businesses, while interning for both the Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and Bellevue Arts Museum (BAM). During my time in the nonprofit arts sector, I was fortunate to collaborate alongside creative professionals on various exhibitions and events, providing a background in marketing and strategy implementation, as well as advertising, public relationsdesign, photographycontent creation, social media and online brand management. In addition to working, I also earned a certificate in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator through Lake Washington Technical College. 

I have collaborated with artists from around the world specializing in a variety of mediums, from a transmedia digital storytelling project using augmented reality (featured at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) animation festival), to holiday themed post cards and prints featuring fun illustrations and whimsical typographical designs.

 Standing at the Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

Standing at the Acropolis, Athens, Greece.

An avid traveler, I enjoy immersing myself into new cultures, meeting new people and saying yes! to new experiences. Raised in the Pacific Northwest by English parents, a first generation American with strong family roots abroad, my fondest memories include exploring the mountains, Puget Sound and coastline, chasing sunsets and waterfalls in Washington or catching flights to Europe. You can now find me exploring London for creative spaces since relocating a year ago to continue my education. I am currently studying to earn an MSc in Marketing and Brand Management.

My interests are expansive, showcasing my creativity and promise of enthusiasm and determination when facing new challenges. I am pursuing the continued development of my skills through thoughtful collaboration. Let's connect! 

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*Goal, to one day have my own show called Just Jazz!