Ginger Joe 2.0

Brief for Branding Design, MSc Marketing and Brand Management, Kingston University London.

Ginger Joe Reinvented

 Ginger Joe banner, creative direction by Jasmine Boothroyd

Ginger Joe banner, creative direction by Jasmine Boothroyd


 Strapline mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Strapline mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Ginger Joe's strapline, Always Refreshing, is reimagined following focus group opposition to the original Refreshingly Feisty brand strapline. During the brand redevelopment, the strapline was moved to the neck label, directly above Ginger Joe's signature symbol, the moustache. These brand elements point to the brand's fun personality and heritage character, building positive associations with the brand, strengthening the correlation between the brand's identity and image. 

The original product design featured the strapline on the front bottle label, in-between the family brand logotype, Stone's, and the individual brand logotype, Ginger Joe. The neck label is an area for high visibility, serving to promote recall and recognition amongst buyers. The neck label acts to remind consumers of the brand elements while also ensuring quality control. The alcoholic ginger beer is guaranteed unopened and fresh as long as the neck label is not torn.

Originally Ginger Joe's brand identity revolved around the ginger moustache, inspired by the redheaded founder of Stone's, Joseph Stone. However, research gathered from the focus group revealed the moustache confused consumers because they were not aware of it's relevance, attributing to the gap growth between the brand's identity and image. More specifically, consumers did not appreciate the symbol and believed it made the brand look "silly" and "almost childish." 

In the redevelopment, the moustache is moved to the neck label. In addition, an illustration of Joseph Stone is featured on the bottle's back label, strengthening the correlation between the symbol and the brand's character and heritage. The illustration was designed to bring the aged portrait of Ginger Joe to life with a roughly sketched on trend look. The back label also serves to reinforce the story of Ginger Joe by including the date and roots in London.

 Banner by Jasmine Boothroyd

Banner by Jasmine Boothroyd

Typography and Logotype(s)

The logotype redevelopment process consisted of comparing and contrasting new typefaces. The original Ginger Joe logotype featured a san-serif font, AG Old Face in regular, medium and bold, but was lacking the character needed to accurately represent the brand's unique qualities. The original Ginger Joe label also featured a serif font, Claredon Roman, for the founding date of Stone's, 1740.

Ginger Joe 2.0 logotype uses san-serif typeface Go Bold and the new primary font, Go Bold Extra 2. There are many Go Bold variations within the font family, allowing for significant options if/when Ginger Joe continues with the branding design redevelopment. The finished logotype can be used as white text on an orange or black background, or as orange or black text on a white background. A snappy description is also included on the front bottle label, reinforcing potential brand attributes while also featuring brand qualities such as "thirst quenching" hoping to entice consumers to enjoy a refreshing bottle of Ginger Joe.

Logotype Development

Ginger Joe labels, creative direction by Jasmine Boothroyd, illustrations by Sara Alcobia Nunes.

ColoUr Palette

The original colour palette featured four colours: black, orange, creme and green. The rebranding of Ginger Joe called for minor changes regarding colour. The creme and green accents were removed and replaced by true white. The white holds a fresh and clean look in contrast to the creme, and the green was unnecessary.


The original Ginger Joe bottle was a standard brown beer bottle with a classic bottle cap, however during the redevelopment process, the bottle shape was reconsidered. The new Ginger Joe features a swing top beer bottle with a resealable stopper, ensuring longevity in freshness while also promoting the reuse of Ginger Joe branded bottles. Swing top beer bottles are commonly used for home brews and have an implied association with artisanal quality. Based on the primary research, Ginger Joe's original packaging does not promote the brand's traditional qualities. The swing top has the potential to transfer more suggestive positive associations such as, authenticity and craftsmanship, to consumers through this design.

Rebrand mockup

 Ginger Joe ginger beer bottle mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Ginger Joe ginger beer bottle mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd


  We're Back  advert mockup, announcing the proposed Ginger Joe brand relaunch by Jasmine Boothroyd

We're Back advert mockup, announcing the proposed Ginger Joe brand relaunch by Jasmine Boothroyd

  Mix It Up, Dark & Stormy ft. Ginger Joe  advert mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Mix It Up, Dark & Stormy ft. Ginger Joe advert mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Billboard mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Web + Social

Not only does Ginger Joe’s product branding deserve a revamp, the website and social media platforms have also suffered from neglect. All forms of marketing communications ceased after the 2011 launch, leaving the website outdated and the Facebook page untouched. On top of the inactivity online over the last six years, the content that had been published was not properly vetted. There appeared to be a serious lack of quality control over the digital media content that was shared and was left to poorly represent the brand. Only high quality photos, graphics and copy should be approved by the brand manager prior to publishing, ensuring the content meets the brand guidelines, whether it is tone of voice used, appropriate imagery, correct colours and typography, etc.

 Instagram mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Instagram mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

 Advertising tablet mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Advertising tablet mockup by Jasmine Boothroyd

Online platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat and Pinterest act as brand resumes. Potential consumers often look to their favourite brand site, but if the published content does not meet the expected standards of the consumer, a brand gap is formed between the brand's identity and the brand's image. A redevelopment of Ginger Joe’s website is necessary and digital media content should be made a priority. Ginger Joe should follow by example as many brands have found great success in consumer engagement and sharing authentic content, effectively spreading the brand name, increasing brand awareness and ultimately the brand equity.  

Life w/ Ginger JoE  

photographed by Jasmine Boothroyd

Summary: Brand Values

The changes made to Ginger Joe's brand elements were made to maintain the core brand values first and foremost. The Ginger Joe brand prides itself on the heritage and sophistication (with a side of cheekiness), highlighting 270 years of expertise. To accurately represent the brand values, changes were made to the logo, typography, and packaging. Ginger Joe's symbol, the orange moustache, was recoloured black, significantly reduced in size and repositioned to the neck label. In addition, the original glass bottle shape was exchanged for a resealable swing top bottle design to represent a traditional look. The typography/logotype was redesigned to emulate a more clean, minimalistic and refined alcoholic beverage. Only minor changes were made to the colour palette by removing creme and green, further streamlining the branded elements. The website and social platforms should follow by example to represent the brand’s core values, highlighting the heritage of the brand using purposeful, high quality visuals, as well as easily recognizable text elements, effectively positioning the brand to be accessible to all consumers.

Final design proposed to Ginger Joe Brand Managers for Strategic Brand Management rebrand 2016/17. WINNER!

before // after

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